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Sunday  November 8th, 2015

Noon to 3 PM

The 2015 Mitzvah Makers Fair! 

@ Beth El Synagogue



New Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning website comes to the Twin Cities!

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Choosing the Right Mitzvah Project

Teens Making A Difference

Help with Choosing A Mitzvah Project

Questions to Ask Yourself

Creating Your Masterpiece

It’s your opportunity to send a message and show what is important to you... You're the producer of this of this grand celebration to honor their efforts, talents, & dedication.

10 Ways to Slash the Cost of A Big Party!

by Gayle Anthony Greenberg author of MitzvahChic, How to Host a Meaningful, Fun, Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bar or Bat Mitzvah. If you have taste you don't need a lot of money...

Feature Articles:  Now, You are a Man

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and started automatically. 

I was reciting the prayer (although I wasn’t sure it was me.) 

Raising The Bar (Mitzvah)
The tendency to overspend on simchas is not limited to the uber-rich. Even in the more middle class...

Creating a Meaningful D'var Torah
Torah doesn't necessarily demand vast Jewish knowledge or extensive rhetorical skills. It requires only a willingness to explore a text and to share your exploration with others.

Adventure Rabbi
From scaling mountains to praying beneath the boughs of an apple tree in the backyard, she believes that the spirituality of the wilderness awakens Judaism.

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Shalom.  Mazal Tov on your upcoming milestone.

The bimah awaits you. What a wonderful way to prepare you for life -- this opportunity to demonstrate your hard work & perseverance, and to shine in front of your congregation, family, & friends. is designed to entertain, inspire, & help relieve anxiety on your meaningful journey.  This website is dedicated to helping empower your family, by providing easy access to contacts & information, making the process of planning your simcha easier and more enjoyable.  We encourage participation from rabbis, cantors, tutors, b’nai mitzvah & their families, from all Twin Cities synagogues & temples.  We invite you to submit helpful information, advice, pictures, & stories, from which current families planning their major event might benefit.


WANTED is looking for e-mails that we can publish about your experiences becoming a bar/bat mitzvah.  Do you have observations, stories, pictures, or advice you’d like to share?

Art of the Party

Ever notice why some events don’t click & ever take off to the next level?  Observations

on what makes a party successful, or not.

Study Center

Idea Center


Pre-Bat Mitzvah Jitters...

I was short of breath, wondering if anxiety had ever killed anyone.

Unfamiliar Terrain
From the moment we got the date--over a year ahead of time, which surprised no one but me--I felt in way over my head

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